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ROSENWALD, Julius (1862-1932)

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ROSENWALD, Julius (1862-1932), American merchant and philanthropist, born and educated in Springfield, Ill. He was vice-president and treasurer (1895) of the mail-order concern of Sears, Roebuck & Co., president (1910), and chairman of the board of directors (1925). He contributed large sums for the promotion of education in the southern U.S., and for the aid of the Jewish population in the Middle East and German children during and after World War I. In 1917, he established the Julius Rosenwald Fund, a charity for the economic, medical, and cultural advancement of blacks in America. The fund, which also aided many religious, scientific, and educational institutions, had an endowment of $30 million. He also gave about $6.6 million to establish the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and more than $4 million to the University of Chicago.

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