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FOLLEN, August (1794-1855)

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FOLLEN, August Adolf Ludwig. Lat. surname Follenius. 1794-1855. German-American poet and politician. Led radical student political groups at Giessen and Heidelberg; imprisoned at Berlin for agitation (1819-21); lived thereafter in Switzerland, taught in Aarau (1821-27), and was member of Grand Council at Zürich. His works included songs Freye Stimmen frischer Jugend (1819), poems Harfen-Grüsse aus Deutschland und der Schweiz (1823), novel Malagys und Vivian (1829), and epic poem Tristans Eltern (1857). His brother Karl Theodor Christian, called in U.S. Charles (1795-1840), poet, clergyman, and reformer; lecturer, U. of Giessen (1818); driven from Germany to France and Switzerland for radical political activities, and finally from Switzerland (1824) to America (naturalized 1830); taught German at Harvard (1825-35); dismissed for abolitionist sympathies. Author of patriotic liberal songs including "Brause, die Freiheitssang."

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