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A special commemorative poem written by Ingeborg Carsten-Miller 
to honor the arrival of the first Germans in America.

The German Immigrants in America
We are
the German speaking
the Low and High Lands
the European continent.
We bring
our hands
our skills
ideals and dreams
to this new world of
We work
in unison
with all
in want
to create
a new homeland.
We pledge
our allegiance
to the future of
this country
its coming generations.

A special thanks goes to the author for allowing us to publish her special poem.

Mrs. Ingeborg Carsten-Miller is the president of the Society for Contemporary American Literature in German. For further questions, please write to:

Society for Contemporary American Literature in German
Ingeborg Carsten-Miller, President
3413 Canberra Street
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: (301) 572-6803

© Ingeborg Carsten-Miller -- April 1997  

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